Suffering from intense chronic pain?

Want to start feeling major relief?

Simply put, massages are the best. They relax us and make us feel great! But they also provide many health benefits, the relief of chronic pain and muscle tightness in the body being one - and perhaps the most significant.


It was Saint Augustine who said, "The greatest evil is physical pain."  And, the 75% of American adults suffering from chronic pain would definitely agree! Chronic pain can also affect a person’s mood and mental well being, creating challenges to one’s sense of self, and to maintaining meaningful and positive connections with others.  Friends and families who see someone they care about in pain often feel powerless and frustrated about not knowing what they can do to help.


With millions of Americans in pain every single day, many are looking to alternative healthcare to seek relief and to naturally improve their quality of life. In addition to loosening soft tissue and muscles, massage releases serotonin - which is the body's natural painkiller.  Many individuals find massage to be particularly beneficial in pain reduction, as well as decreasing muscle tension and improving flexibility and range of motion.


Ellen Levine, LMT of Perfectly Kneaded Massage is an experienced state-certified massage therapist, specializing in customized therapeutic massages.  She cares most about meeting the needs and goals of every client, and believes in using a variety of massage techniques to relax the body, loosen the muscles and relieve pain.


  • Individualized 30 and 60-minute massages available

  • Free consultation prior to every session

  • Includes use of hot towels


To request an appointment, you may call / text Ellen at 

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