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Therapeutic Massage

On the go or in need of a day-cation? Whether to relax, reduce chronic pain & inflammation, recover from an injury, or improve your athletic performance - this service is fully customized to your individual needs and expectations.  We use techniques from a wide variety of modalities (such as Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, stretching, compression, etc.) to facilitate and ensure an enjoyable experience, while focusing on your particular troublesome areas. 

Adolescent Massage

For those under 18 years of age - with the permission and signature of a parent/guardian, receive a massage that will improve athletic performance, assist in the healing process of a past injury, or reduce anxiety/stress and muscle tension.

Geriatric Massage

Provides comfort, relaxation, and overall health and wellness for senior citizens aged 70 years and older - reduces pain of arthritis, increases joint mobility and circulation, and relieves anxiety and depression.

*Couples Massage

Plan a special day or evening for you and your favorite person - your spouse, family member or friend! We have a large beautiful room able to accommodation for two services in the same room - or in two separate rooms, at the same time! Choose any two services to personalize and create the best experience for you both!

Prenatal/Postnatal Massage

A pampering massage that caters specifically to the needs of the expecting mother, or mother who recently gave birth - while providing all of the benefits of a relaxing and therapeutic massage.


Facial Massage

Facial tension and bloat - be gone!  Exfoliating, moisturizing and massaging the face immediately increases blood & oxygen flow and collagen production (leaving a youthful glow!), reduces puffiness and congestion, and smooths wrinkles and fine lines! And of course, feel amazing! 

Massage for Digestion

One of the major benefits of massage is its effects on the digestive system. Benefits of this service include - reduces bloating & constipation, relieves stress & anxiety, increases muscle tone, assistance with weight loss, and improves digestion & overall gastrointestinal wellness. This service focuses on working the specific areas of the body that facilitate for improved digestion!

Oncology Treatment

Perfectly Kneaded is proud to provide compliment

complimentary massages for those battling cancer.  To qualify, a note from the patient's oncologist and completed medical intake form must be provided.  

(Please contact us for more information.)

Our Treatments


Indulge yourself! This therapeutic method of relieving pain stimulates the pressure points on the feet, hands and ears. The pressure alleviates your aches and pains, while promoting good health. Reflexology relieves stress, increases energy, improves circulation and digestion, reduces inflammation and aids balance.

Cold Stone "Face" Treatment 

(For Tension, Sinus, Allergy & Migraine Relief)

Enjoy a deeply relaxing face & head massage! The positioning of specially-designed marble stones are cooled and applied to specific areas of the face and neck, reducing inflammation and tension. (Reflexology included with session.)

Stretch on the Table

Designed for the active person, yogi or athlete, who seeks improved athletic performance - focusing on stretching specific muscle groups. Benefits include improved range of motion and muscle flexibility, increased power and endurance during future work outs, and faster recovery time (reduces inflammation, cramping & soreness).  *Recommended for your regular maintenance or wellness routine.

Body Lux Treatment

Luxuriate and decompress with this amazing body treatment! Rejuvenate, as we exfoliate, hydrate, moisturize, and warm up your body - leaving your skin super soft and smooth! 

(Face, head & foot massage included with session.)

Raindrop Technique®

The relaxing and mild application of YoungLiving's therapeutic-grade oils are gently dispensed like “little raindrops” up along the spine/back. The oils are worked into the back and the soles of the feel by using soft feather-like movements and strokes. Rejuvenate the mind. Balance the body. This technique provides a revolutionary means of nurturing harmony — physically, mentally, and emotionally. — YoungLiving

Lymphatic (Detox) Treatment

A relaxing, soft touch that stimulates the immune and parasympathetic nervous system, and detoxes the body - relieving metabolic toxins and waste. Feel calmer, lighter, and rejuvenated afterwards! *Recommended for dieters, post-surgery and post-natal women.


Our Add-Ons

Enhance the benefits and relaxation of your session by adding aromatherapy (fragrant oils extracted from herbs, flowers, and fruits) to any massage.
Hot Stones
Smooth, heated stones are used and placed on the body to warm, loosen and relax tight muscles. Perfect for those who enjoy heat and relaxation, while receiving all of the health benefits of massage.
Foot/Back Body Scrub
Add a salt/sugar-based body scrub to any massage! A body scrub gently exfoliates, hydrates and moisturizes dry skin, making your skin super soft and smooth.

Additional 15 Minutes
Extend your enjoyment with any service by adding 15 minutes of massage or reflexology to your session!
Indulge yourself! Receive a therapeutic foot massage and reduce those aches and pains. Every part of the body is connected to the soles of the feet by nerve pathways that assist in increasing energy, improving circulation and creating balance.
Power Nap!
Want some time to unwind after your session? Combine and extend it with a power nap! Awake to tranquil music and emerge feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to go!