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Photo of owner, Ellen Levine.

Meet Ellen

Since welcoming her first client in 2014, owner Ellen Levine has infused Perfectly Kneaded Bodywork Studio & Spa with her passion for helping others by designing the “perfect” treatment experience.

Our philosophy is that all massages and treatments should be therapeutic as well as relaxing.

Open communication between our clients and experienced practitioners is essential in order to
pinpoint areas that need attention.


The studio’s entire team of experienced practitioners is trained to make the necessary adjustments and modify each treatment to provide the ultimate comfort and care.


We believe...

At Perfectly Kneaded, we believe bodywork is not just a luxury - it's an essential part of any health and wellness plan. 


Only by honoring “every body” can we truly help clients feel better when they leave the studio than when they arrived.

If you are seeking relief from stress or chronic pain, recovering from an injury, looking to improve athletic performance or simply want to relax and de-stress— 

Perfectly Kneaded has the "perfect" treatment.

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