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Great Skin in Every Season

Finding a skincare regimen that keeps you feeling refreshed, nourished, and glowing is not always a walk in the park. And having healthy skin is something we all crave– especially the delicate skin on our faces.

As we move through the different seasons, our environment affects our skin differently. When it’s cold, our skin gets dry and flaky. And when it’s hot– hello oil!

So, as the seasons change– so should our skincare. We’ve outlined a few general tips for each time of year to help you keep your skin clear and glowing!


As temperatures drop, so does the humidity in the air. This means our skin can easily become dry, flaky, and a bit malnourished. The key to healthy skin in the winter: a gentle cleanser and a heavier moisturizer.

Our skin becomes very delicate when it is dry so using a gentle cleanser, free from exfoliating beads or harsh chemicals, will work really well for most skin types. In addition– amp up your moisturizer a bit. Use something a bit thicker that will really pack a hydration punch.

Lastly, and this is a hard one– try to skip the hot and steamy showers during the winter, or at least limit yourself to 5-7 minutes! Hot showers strip the skin of its natural hydration and can compromise our natural protection barrier.

Our esthetician Lauren’s Signature Glow Facial is phenomenal during Winter, especially when the skin is feeling a bit dull and dry.


We love Spring, and Spring loves our skin. This time of year is usually pretty gentle on the skin– but there are a few things in your routine to adjust to restore some of that radiance!

First, begin exfoliating again. Use masks or cleansers with exfoliating properties that can help slough off some of that lingering layer of winter. Then follow up with a lightweight moisturizer to re-nourish. Something water-based with a thinner consistency is best.

And as we’re spending more time outside and in the sun– don’t forget a good sunscreen, especially for your face and neck. There are some really great moisturizers with SPF in them that are great for daily use.

Try our Gua Sha treatment in the Spring to rejuvenate, tighten, and brighten the skin!


Hello, hot weather! In the summertime– increased temperatures, humidity, and time spent outside can put us at risk for clogged pores and sun damage if we aren’t careful.

Some notes for summertime: use sunscreen EVERY day, incorporate a Vitamin C serum, drink lots of water (this is really an all year round thing), and cleanse often.

In the summer, we sweat more. We are typically more active. And we’re at higher risk for sunburn. If you get sunburned- fresh aloe is your best friend. And if you don’t have fresh on hand, you can use store bought aloe to relieve inflammation and support the healing process.

Our Ultra Calming Facial is great for the summer months when we are more prone to irritation and redness!


Fall skincare is all about nourishment. As the air gets a bit cooler– the humidity drops and our skin becomes more prone to dryness.

Shift from your light-weight summer moisturizer to something a bit heftier, and use a moisturizing face mask once a week. Stick with your gentle cleanser, and cut back on exfoliating for the time being. This can cause inflammation when the skin is a bit more sensitive.

Lastly, try our Clear Skin Facial in the Fall to balance your skin’s ph levels and to reduce the appearance of clogged pores.

We hope you enjoy these tips, and enjoy great skin through every season! To book a facial for some extra skincare love– click here.

Take care, and we'll see you soon!


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