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5 Reasons to Love Glen Rock

We think PK is a pretty special place – but it’s also no secret that we are incredibly grateful to be located in such a special town. The community of Glen Rock is so unique, with a quaint, “small town” vibe. And there is a very real sense of support – not only from the residents, but also in the way business owners are there for each other.

Since the month of February is all about love, putting together a list of reasons to love Glen Rock felt appropriate. The biggest challenge was to only pick a few – there is just so much to love!

1. Johns Boy & Francesca’s Pizza

Glen Rock is blessed not just with one fantastic pizza parlor, but two! Team Johns Boy or Francesca’s – how does one choose? The good news is, you don’t have to. They are equally amazing, from the pizza (and the rest of the menu) to the business owners. They could not be nicer, more engaged, or supportive of the town, local businesses, and organizations (they’re always running fundraisers for local schools). And they are equally loved by the community. Both businesses are killing it – and we are grateful to have them as neighbors on our side of Rock Road!

2. The Rock

If you haven’t seen the Rock, you haven’t been to Glen Rock. Yes, there IS a large rock right at the beginning of downtown, and it’s a piece of Bergen County history! It is really cool to look at very old photographs of downtown and see the Rock featured prominently in them. During COVID, I did a photoshoot in Glen Rock and my favorite shot is of me hugging the Rock. It is literally the heart of the community.

3. The Street Fair

Ah, the street fair…beloved by business owners and the community alike. Glen Rock always puts together a fun day with good food and local vendors, and it’s a great place to see old friends, meet new people, and discover new shops and services. It was truly missed last year when it was canceled due to COVID, and everyone looks forward to its return!

4. The Chamber/Guild

The Glen Rock Chamber of Commerce and Glen Rock Guild are very special organizations. They put together meetings and events that truly support and benefit the entire community. Because most of the member businesses are “mom ‘n pop-owned,” the exchanges are causal, friendly, and down-to-earth. There is a real sense of camaraderie and everyone genuinely wants to help one another and see each other succeed.

5. The Residents

Not only is Glen Rock blessed to have such wonderful, committed business owners, but the same can be said of the residents. It is part of the Glen Rock culture to shop local and shop small to support businesses and the town. The locals are friendly, empathetic, and easy-going – which makes doing business with them a pure pleasure.

It is obvious that the business owners and residents of this community share the same values – being warm, welcoming, and showing compassion for their neighbors. Ultimately, they all want the town to thrive – which is what makes Glen Rock a genuinely a cool place to live, work, and/or be a part of.


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