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Bodywork for Every Body!

I am often asked how I got into bodywork. While this might surprise you, the truth is I didn’t always aspire to be a licensed massage therapist – or an entrepreneur, for that matter!

Growing up, I always wanted to be a special education teacher – but not just any special education teacher. I truly believed every student learns differently, and wanted to specialize in teaching to accommodate all learning styles and to meet individual student needs.

When I decided that the classroom wasn’t ultimately the right place for me, I thought about working with special needs children one-on-one. I also considered going back to school for physical or occupational therapy. Unsure which direction to choose, I decided to go to massage school. I thought it would be a good stepping stone towards further schooling – but instead, I discovered my love for massage and realized it was another way I could make a difference.

It would be easy to assume that my prior education wouldn’t be useful for a career as a bodyworker or as a business owner. But that "special education teacher brain" lies at the heart of my values and guides my approach to every situation that comes up in my business. I believe that it is my job to be a problem solver – and to make very challenging situations work, even when they seem impossible to everyone else. For me, resolution is the only solution.

Since becoming a business owner, my motto has been, “Everything is figure-outable." I have always believed that all bodywork and treatments should be customized to each client’s needs, and that the services can be modified to accommodate those needs as well. Here are some examples of how the team at PK makes adjustments to provide the ultimate in comfort and care for our clients:

Laying on Our Table

When clients think about receiving a massage, typically they associate it with lying flat on their back and stomach or sometimes sitting in a massage chair. At Perfectly Kneaded, we offer a variety of other positions so that everyone is positioned comfortably on our table. We have a body pillow for those who prefer being on their side; cushions with openings for the stomach and chest so a client can lay on their stomach; and a wedge to elevate clients who are uncomfortable lying on their backs (this also helps relieve pressure on the low back). If you have been injured, undergone surgery, or are pregnant, we supply plenty of pillows, bolsters, and rolled up towels to support you in the most comfortable position possible. Of course, we can always provide a seated massage if that’s what works best for you. Because every body deserves a massage!

Sensitivities & Comfort

Customizing each client’s experience requires an understanding of their individual needs and goals. Before we begin a session with a new client, not only do we ask what needs particular attention but we also ask if there are areas of the body that are sensitive or should be avoided. Everyone’s sensitivity level and pressure tolerance is different because everyone’s body is different. If you have places that are chronically sensitive, our practitioners will effectively treat your body and areas of concern while using a variety of tools and techniques to ensure you are comfortable at all times. We focus on making modifications to accommodate for every body so you get the most out of your treatment.

Assisted Technology

Once you’ve made your way upstairs to our second-floor studio, we make it easy for you to lay back and relax! Our massage tables are hydraulic, which means we can lower them so clients with mobility challenges can climb on and off safely. We also utilize technology to simplify the process of booking appointments, completing intake forms, communicating, and providing payment– making it work for every body!

Only by honoring every body can truly help our clients feel better when they leave our studio than when they arrived.


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