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Celebrating International Women’s Day!

In honor of International Women’s Day, all of us at Perfectly Kneaded want to take a moment to acknowledge the importance of women throughout history – and the huge role they are playing in current events.

In the past, PK has used this opportunity to discuss the reasons we enjoy and celebrate being a woman-owned business. This year, we thought we would shake things up a bit by giving a shout-out to some of our favorite women-led businesses!

These “ladybosses” help maintain and up-level PK’s awesomeness, and this is our way of showing them the kind of love and support they give us on a regular basis.

Alexandra with LadyBoss Global Media

Alexandra is our favorite ladyboss – and not just because that’s the name of her business! This powerhouse social media consultant has been managing our marketing since July of 2018, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. She is simply the best!

Caitlin with Caitie Means Business

Alexandra introduced Perfectly Kneaded to the very talented and savvy Caitlin, who is responsible for our beautiful website design, development, and upkeep. She is a gem, and such a pleasure to work with!

Donna with Open Heart Creative

Though she will never admit it, Donna is PK’s Yoda! She is a magician when it comes to words – always thinking about their connotation and keeping our “voice” consistent. She is responsible for all of the content on our website, marketing materials, and even our blogs. Everyone needs a Donna in their life!

Debbie with C&B Accounting

Until the pandemic, PK’s bookkeeping was always done in-house. But since we have been growing so much, we made the executive decision to outsource it to this super-fierce bookkeeper AND accountant. Debbie has been a lifesaver, and one of the biggest silver linings for us during this difficult time!

Mary Ann with Consider It Dunn

Not only do we love women business owners – we love those who live inGlen Rock! Mary Ann is a professional deep cleaner who just expanded her business to include other cleaning professionals, organizer, and handymen. Mary Ann and her team keep our space sparkling, tidy and in good working order, which has always been super-important for our clients. We feel so blessed to have connected with her!

Perfectly Kneaded is always looking for talented professional women to do business with. And here’s to all of the ladybosses who are making this world a better place for their clients, their families and their communities!


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