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Creating & Maintaining A Work/Self-Care Balance

During lockdown, I was on a call with someone who said, “Although we are in the same storm, we are all in different boats.” To me, this meant that even though there was a common reason for us all to be staying home, the experience impacted each of us differently.

As you know, my business was mandated to close and, like many of us, my life as I knew it came to a halt. Wanting to make the best of a bad situation, I used the time to improve my self-care practice. I began eating whole, clean foods, going on regular walks, sleeping well, and practicing gratefulness to stay positive. After a few months, this lifestyle became my new “abnormal” – and I found myself thinking about how I would ultimately merge the practices that were making me happy with my busy work life once things returned to “normal.”

When it was announced that personal care services – including massage and spa services – could reopen on June 22nd, we had less than 10 days’ notice to prepare to open the doors at Perfectly Kneaded. Although I was thrilled to get back to serving clients, I knew this would be a big adjustment – for the business and my new lifestyle.

A couple of weeks in, I have found a few tricks that have proven helpful when it comes to taking care of the business and taking care of myself:

1. Plan Ahead

Before COVID-19, I was always on the go. My lifestyle was so reactionary that I often failed to plan meals or carve out time for exercise or self-care. Because maintaining a work/life balance is now a priority, scheduling and planning ahead is essential. This gives me peace of mind and reduces the stress that comes from just “winging it.”

2. Practice Mindfulness

Once you begin to plan and schedule work and self-care time, it is equally important to be fully present. It is all too easy to be thinking about everyone and everything else in the moment, and to feel distracted instead of focusing on where you are and what you are doing. Do your best to block out the noise and savor the time you are spending on yourself. Remember: recharging you allows you to better help others!

3. Listen to Your Body

Listen to your intuition and be body-aware. If you’re tired, give yourself a break. Step outside or go for a short walk. Take a big, deep breath. Stretch or do five minutes of yoga. Meditate. Feeling indulgent? Take the entire day! It’s okay to give yourself the time to recharge.

While the circumstances have been unfortunate, I have been truly grateful for my health and this opportunity to create a better balance in my life. I appreciate having had the gift of this time to reflect and to create healthy habits that, over time, will serve me, the Perfectly Kneaded team, and our clients well!


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