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Going Virtual During a Pandemic

This is a very strange time in our world. Many of us have been experiencing a whole slew of emotions, and local business owners are no exception. Some of the feelings shared by small businesses in our community include “frustrated”, “angry” and “antsy”. Others have said that they have been feeling “inspired”, “motivated” and “grateful”.

Being a touch-based, non-essential business, Perfectly Kneaded was mandated to temporarily suspend services last month. It was particularly difficult to close our doors, knowing that our clients need our help to de-stress. But we knew it was the right thing to do, as the health and safety of our clients and practitioners comes first.

Over the past few weeks, many of our clients have asked us for guidance on how they can practice self-care during this time of uncertainty – and we wondered how we could help from afar. We saw business neighbors and friends using this opportunity to go virtual, and thought we might be able to set up an online platform that would allow us to use our expertise to help clients gain some relief. So, we went to work!

Using Zoom, we’ve created some virtual services especially for those who have been used to receiving bodywork on a regular basis – and for those who have been feeling particularly stressed or sore as a result of this new way of life. We’re excited to offer 30-minute one-on-one customized virtual stretching and guided bodywork sessions with one of our regular licensed massage therapists, Candra, and PK owner (and licensed massage therapist), Ellen. You can also take part in distance Reiki sessions with our energy practitioner, Evie.

In addition, we’re hosting a once-a-week group Zoom class for guided bodywork and stretching. These group classes focus on techniques to release tension in the upper body, including face, head, neck, shoulders, arms and upper back. Lastly, we’re posting Facebook Live meditations by Evie and home skincare techniques by our licensed esthetician, Dana.

While clearly different from receiving hands-on services at our studio, our clients are telling us these virtual offerings are helping them feel more relaxed. As always, the PK team is here to support our clients and show up for our local community to the best of our ability – and we look forward to the next time we are able to knead you again!


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