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Just Relax!

So you’ve taken the first step – you’ve scheduled that relaxing massage/self-care service you’ve been wanting! You’re at the studio, lying on the table, ready to go. Now your only job is to relax.

How does that make you feel?

As self-care practitioners, we find that there are clients who decompress within moments of beginning their session (some even before we have re-entered the room!) And there are clients (many clients!) who need more time to unwind. It’s not surprising – so many of us are constantly on the go, stressed about our circumstances, or have simply forgotten how to let go.

We can tell when a client is struggling to surrender into this special time she or he has carved out for themselves. Our intuition tells us you are having a challenge when you are unable to close your eyes or lay still. You may fidget, your muscles or body might feel tight or stiff, or your eyes may wander around the room.

Since the practitioners at PK specialize in being super in-tune with each client, we do our best to facilitate relaxation so that you leave your session feeling your best. We have multiple tricks up our sleeves to help you to de-stress. Here are a few of the tools we use in the studio – and we invite you to try them at home as well!

1. Deep, Slow Breaths

Feeling restless before beginning your session? We’ll guide you in taking a few slow, deep breaths to ground you and help you decompress. Slowly breathe in while counting to three, and then slowly breathe out – also counting to three. This helps reset the vibe for relaxation.

2. Essential Oils for the Mind

When you’re feeling anxious or having noisy thoughts, deep breathing may not always cut it. That’s when we reach for the essential oils that help calm the mind. Our new favorite oil for facilitating relaxation is our own custom blend called – you guessed it – MIND! PK’s uplifting MIND essential oil has been specifically created to calm your thoughts, invite peace, and allow your mind (and body) to relax.

3. Meditation/Visualization

You’re 10 minutes into your session and your mind or body still has not started to release. We suggest trying to meditate or visualize a place that makes you feel calm. Zone in on your happy place. Is it lying on a beach? Standing on top of a mountain? Sailing on a boat? Listening to the birds outside? Sitting by a fire in the woods? Or simply sitting on the couch at home enjoying the quiet? Your imagination, your choice!

4. Music of Choice

Listening to music can help set a chill vibe. Do you enjoy relaxing to classical music or to nature sounds? Think about the music that puts you into the zone – and request/play it!

5. Touch Preference

Customizing all of our self-care services allows us to focus on areas of the body that clients ask us to pay special attention to. Enjoy having your feet worked on? We’ll dedicate time to relieving tightness in those muscles and wrap them in warm towels (many find the heat and moisture relaxing.) Perhaps we’ll add our CONNECTION custom essential oil blend to enhance the feeling of being grounded and centered.

Whether you need 10 minutes or 30, remember that it’s normal to have difficulty unwinding when so much around you is chaotic. We hope that these suggestions will inspire you to explore ways to decompress, and even request them of your self-care practitioner. Maximizing your ability to relax – during a self-care treatment or on your own – will allow you to keep your body healthy and your mind at peace.


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