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Learning to Listen to Your Intuition

Can you remember a time when something just didn’t feel right?

Maybe you got a gut feeling in your stomach, an intense wave of anxiety, or a sensation in the body that signaled something was out of place.

Our intuition, or inner knowing, is always present, guiding us to what will ultimately lift us up, and detouring us from what isn’t serving us. It’s the ability to instinctively understand something, without conscious reasoning.

But learning to distinguish this inner voice of wisdom, from our ego, is a practice that takes time.

It’s something you have to cultivate. Listen to. Really listen to.

Learning to lean on and be guided by your intuitive knowing is incredibly powerful in living a heart-centered and in-flow life.

Intuition vs. Ego

There’s usually two voices that speak to us about situations in our lives– our intuition and our ego.

The ego has one job– and that job is to protect you. It sends messages to you based on your past experiences: traumas, pain, and hurt included. It’s loud, eager, and probably the first thoughts that come to you about a situation.

Our ego tends to want to keep us in a loop– within the same limiting thoughts and patterns we’ve been stuck in. The ego is afraid and says, “What if you fall?” “What if you fail?” “Let’s just do what feels comfortable right now.”

And that, isn’t serving anyone.

Our intuition, on the other hand, works in the service of our highest good. It guides us through subtle wisdom, and shows us the way through a confidence that can be felt deep down.

You have this source of innate wisdom and knowledge within you at all times.

But she’s gentle. Quiet. And it takes some time to be able to discern what is flowing from the heart, rather than the mind.

Learning to Listen

The best way to learn to listen to your intuition– is getting quiet enough to hear it.

Here are some simple ways to learn to tap into your intuitive knowing:

  • Meditate. For 10-15 minutes a day, find a space, and just sit. Breathe. Listen.

  • Learn to trust– when something doesn’t feel right, trust. When something feels really right, trust.

  • Listen to your gut feelings– they are usually leading you in the right direction.

  • Pay attention to synchronicities– it’s the universe’s way of winking at you and letting you know you are on the right path.

  • Learn to breathe deeply when making decisions– give yourself space to really feel into every emotion and sensation that comes up.

“Intuition is the whisper of the soul.” –Jiddu Krishnamurti


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