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Need Help Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions?

I saw a post on Facebook a few weeks ago that really spoke to me. It read, "I've decided my 2020 will start on February 1st. January is a free trial month." I couldn't have described my thoughts better.

As a business owner, I feel like there was no transition time during the busiest (and most stressful) time of the year. First it was Thanksgiving, three weeks later it was Christmas, and then BOOM – we were ringing in 2020. And we weren’t just welcoming another year – but a new decade as well!

With so much focus on the holidays and wrapping up 2019, there was no time to pause, reflect or plan. It’s as if we were expected to hit the ground running as soon as the clock struck twelve on New Year’s Day (or technically, when you woke up the next morning). So as far as making resolutions is concerned – well, let’s just say I’m not quite there yet.

How about you? Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Maybe you planned to finally sign up for that stretch class? Practice better posture?

If you did, how is that going? Are you still feeling motivated to stick to your goal(s) for the year?

Amazing as it seems, we’re already more than halfway through the month of January. And according to the experts, we’ve arrived at that magical moment when most of us are likely to bail on our resolutions. In fact, a study conducted by the University of Scranton found only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals. So if you are already feeling deflated, you're not alone.

But here’s the GOOD news: The same study said that 55% of annual resolutions are health and wellness related. And if one of your goals is to commit to receiving regular bodywork, Perfectly Kneaded’s new Monthly Membership makes it easy to stay accountable!

In addition to our regular packages – which we recommend to those who like to come in multiple times a month – we are now offering a Monthly Membership that gives you the structure (plus extra incentives) to commit to regular self-care. It is one of the easiest goals to have, since the only work involved is getting yourself to our studio. Once you step inside our warm, cozy space, all you have to do is…relax.

A simple New Year’s resolution that is healthy AND indulgent? We can’t think of anything better!


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