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Self-Care is a Gratitude Practice

Hard to believe that the holiday season is almost here! I know many of you have already gotten a head start on your gift shopping, but during such an unprecedented time it may be hard to decide what to get for others – or for ourselves!

More than ever, this year is a time to uplift our spirits by practicing self-care, mindfulness – and most of all, gratitude. Since many of you may not be able to spend the holidays with family and friends, staying positive and practicing gratitude through self-love can prove to be beneficial. As a self-care professional and advocate, this means valuing the things or experiences that bring me the most joy.

So – if there was ever a time to make a self-care purchase for yourself or to do something that makes you happy, this is it! Need a few ideas? Here are some of my favorite indulgences:

1. Self-Care Service

Want that relaxing massage or facial? Or an entire spa day? Go for it! This is a time to be thankful for your health, your mind and your body. At PK, we are big believers in fostering the mind-body connection to relax and soothe the stresses of life. Which brings us to our next gift idea!

2. Essential Oil Blends

We have launched a small collection of essential oil blends and we are LOVING it! These three roll-on products – MIND, BODY and CONNECTION – have been specifically created to help you feel uplifted, grounded and more relaxed – at home or when you’re out ‘n about! Essential oils are super powerful in supporting your wellbeing, in exactly the right way, in any given moment.

3. Hot Wax Paraffin Treatment

This is one of the easiest self-care treatments I’ve found – and may just be the best $25 investment ever! I love dipping my hands into the hot wax and feeling the warmth penetrate my muscles and joints. Not only do my hands feel relief, my skin feels super soft and smooth.

4. Facial Mask / Skincare Treatment

One of my favorite night-in activities is putting on a face mask, making a hot cup of chamomile or green tea and snuggling under a cozy throw blanket. Decompressing after a long day while nurturing my skin and body makes me feel so happy and at peace. It’s the ultimate in me time!

5. Happy Home

Focusing on creating a cozy, Zen living space has been a priority for me over the past year. When you make your home a happy place, it makes your mind and body happy as well! I have purchased lots of paintings from artist Lara Arbore because they lift my spirits. If art isn’t your thing, buy that Nespresso machine, self-massager, Peloton – whatever it is that will help you feel relaxed, supported and grounded.

During times that feel uncertain or unstable, it is empowering to create our own moments of bliss. They remind us to be grateful for all that we have – even the simplest things.


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