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Self-Care = Self-Love

February is the month of love. A time when we focus on giving and showing love to everyone around us – not just to our significant others, but to friends and family as well. But the truth is, WE are the ones who deserve the most love. And many of us are guilty of not giving – or being open to receiving – enough of it for ourselves. As a self-care service business, Perfectly Kneaded tends to attract clients (and practitioners!) who are nurturers and caretakers. This often means we are best at serving others, and typically take care of ourselves last – or maybe not at all. As nurturers and caretakers, it is even more important for us to show ourselves the love, as it gives us the physical, mental and emotional energy we need to recharge. If our battery is not recharged, we can become drained, exhausted and, in turn, our health will suffer. This makes it challenging, if not impossible, to be helpful to others – all the more reason for us to schedule the time we not only want, but truly need, to relax and rejuvenate. There are many ways to show yourself love through self-care. Of course, you can schedule an hour massage or facial to give yourself uninterrupted time to unwind and perhaps treat some of your own chronic trouble spots. However, there are countless small and simple acts of kindness you can indulge in that don’t require much time or money. Take a walk outside, curl up by the  fireplace with a good book, practice five or ten minutes of yoga or meditation, blast your favorite music and dance like no one is watching, or catch up with a good friend over a cup of coffee or tea. Acts of self-care do not have to be grand gestures or week-long vacations (although that sure would be nice!) Simply checking in with your body, acknowledging what you need, and making time to give and receive it is the heart of what self-love is all about. As we say at PK – you deserve to be kneaded!


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