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What They ALL Say!

Professional massage therapists who have worked in the industry for years tend to get the same questions and comments from clients on a regular basis. We decided to share some of the things clients ask or say most often, along with our responses. We hope this gives you a little insight into who we are and how we work. And if you’ve had similar thoughts, this should help clear up some of those mysteries!

“That’s sore… I didn’t know I had tension there!”

Tension and stress can resonate in many areas of the body, and over time you can become so accustomed to feeling this way that it’s no longer sensitive. Receiving bodywork on a consistent basis keeps the tension from snowballing into pain.

“You can go deeper.”

Applying deeper pressure does not always correlate to better results. It is possible to go too deep, where your body actually tightens up after a massage. We want to avoid crossing this line so that you leave feeling better than when you walked in!

“I didn’t know lighter work could give me the same release as deep tissue.”

Well, I am the body whisperer…I know what you really need! Joking aside, your body tells us how much pressure it wants to receive. And we can use bodywork tools like hot stones and cupping to alleviate tension and knots without using super deep pressure.

“I’m sorry, I forgot to shave my legs / get a pedicure!”

Honestly, it is really okay! We are far more focused on your muscles and feeling what is going on under the skin. What we are concerned about is bruises (for touch-sensitivity reasons) and rashes (don’t want to make them worse.)

“Don’t your hands get tired / hurt?”

Yes, they do! Which is why I have to stretch and take care of them regularly. And I use my forearms and elbows to help me (and you) out.

“I hold my stress in my neck, shoulders and back.”

You’re not alone… EVERYONE holds their stress there!

“Who massages you?”

My massage therapist.

“She is so small, but she can give so much pressure!”

Because she is strong and compact – and has excellent body mechanics to apply maximum pressure.

“I wish I could take you home with me…”

Aww…But you’d have to share me with others as well.

“How did you know where to go?”

I rely on my intuition – and I’m psychic!

“You feel that too?!”

Oh yeah, I do! Knots can be large or small speed bumps, or long and taught like rubber bands. Typically, the areas around them can also be very tight, so we also have to loosen those layers as well. Some knots release immediately, and others take a while – depending on how stubborn they are.

“I don’t want to get up!”

You can rent the room if you’d like. Just close the door on your way out!

“You have the best hands! You are a magician / miracle worker.”

Why, thank you very much! This is truly the most rewarding work, and the magic lies in helping someone who is injured or in pain feel significantly better in just an hour or two. What could be better than that?!


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