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Allergies, Be Gone!

In case 2021 has not already been a doozy…let’s add allergy season to the mix!

Many of us dread allergy season as much as (if not more than!) we dread the snow. It is all too easy to reach for the allergy meds, but sometimes even they may not do the trick. Before (or even after) you take those meds, why not consider one or more of these holistic alternatives?

Bonus: these tips are also beneficial for headaches and sinus issues!

a. Cold Compresses.

Sometimes there is nothing more soothing than the feeling of something cold on your face when you’re experiencing allergy and sinus issues. Try placing cold compresses – like a cold pack or marble stones from your freezer – on the areas that are troublesome to get some relief. (There are some beautiful handmade hot/cold packs on Etsy.) And if the cold isn’t cutting it, try warmth! Just avoid anything too hot as your face is sensitive.

b. Essential Oils.

It is true when they say, “There’s an oil for that!” And this certainly applies to allergies, headaches and sinus issues. PK’s own BODY essential oil roll-on – a blend of eucalyptus, juniper, wintergreen and spearmint – is perfect for these problems. You can also use peppermint, basil, lemon and tea tree. Try one or all of them and see which combination offers the most relief.

c. Massage.

Massaging all of the areas that are giving you trouble definitely makes a difference – and you don’t even have to leave your couch! There are countless self-massage techniques you can watch and learn from professionals on YouTube. Put them into practice and try out multiple techniques to find out what works best for you. Word to the wise: be super-mindful of your pressure. If you have painful sinuses or pain in other areas of your face, you don’t need a lot of pressure to experience relief. Or you can always book a session with us and leave it to the professionals (wink!)

d. All of the Above!

The beautiful thing about these alternatives is you can use two, three or all at once. Just play, experiment and listen to your face/head/body. You can also try a PK Cold Stone Face Treatment, which literally uses all of these tools and techniques. We apply and massage with cold marble stones on your face and use essential oils to alleviate allergy, migraine, headache and sinus tension.

If you are suffering from seasonal allergies, remember that the combination of cold, essential oils and massage not only feels (and smells) amazing – but it reduces inflammation and provides real relief from those nagging symptoms that can stand between you and the joy of a gorgeous spring day!


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