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Boost Immunity With Regular Massage

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn

Your physical and mental health is so incredibly important. When you take care of yourself – you have more energy, you feel more equipped to move through your day, and you can serve others in a more impactful way.

Your immune system controls how your body responds to stress, injury, disease, and other ailments you may face. To have a strong immune system is to have an extremely powerful foundation in your body’s ability to heal itself.

One of the most profound and natural tools to support a healthy immune system is massage therapy. We know massage feels good, but it’s actually incredibly good FOR YOU – especially when you come in regularly.


We all know feelings of stress far too well. And we know how debilitating it can be. When we are stressed, we release a hormone called cortisol – and it can cause a wide range of physical problems. Cortisol release can cause high blood pressure, mood shifts, weight issues, skin problems, headaches, sleep problems, and heart problems.

That said, regular massage helps to decrease stress and cortisol levels. Since stress can wreak havoc on our immune system in a variety of ways, massage is incredibly powerful in supporting a healthy immune response.

Massage gives your body a permission slip to relax and get out of that fight or flight state. And less stress means a healthier you – body, mind, and spirit.


Toxins build up in our body in a variety of ways. From the food we eat, to the air we breathe, and within our internal physiological environment. Some main symptoms of toxin build up in the body include fatigue, muscle pain, and headaches.

Massage enables the body to release toxins through movements that improve circulation, which in turn supports your organs in their natural detoxifying processes.

This is why we always encourage you to drink plenty of water after massage, as a way to help flush toxins that are released during your session.


The lymphatic system is one component of our overall immune system – and debatably one of the most important organ systems in the body. Its functions include: protecting you from illness-causing intruders, maintaining your body's fluid levels, and flushing waste through your circulatory system.

Massage therapy, especially lymphatic massage, encourages the movement of lymphatic fluid to ensure your body is optimally responding to any bacteria, or other invaders that can potentially make you sick.

Our health and well-being are imperative to living a balanced and fulfilled life. Regular massage allows you to support your body in creating homeostasis and the ability to fight off infection as it comes.

Come in for regular massage, and be the best YOU you can be. We’re here to support that process however we can.

Continue to take care,

Perfectly Kneaded


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